What Does It Mean to Have "Internet Everywhere"?


Americans touch their phones to do everything including emails, sending texts, checking the weather, or opening social media networks at a rate of over 2,600 times per day. Making this constant need for connectivity possible is through the power of the internet, and being connected has become more necessary than before.

As the intent is to make things "smart"; the internet can turn on coffee at a designated time in the morning, switch on lights upon arrival after work, or play music around the house from just an app on your phone.

Just as much the internet has become a staple in our day-to-day lives, making sure your business functions offer a seamless access experience is critical for customer satisfaction, brand engagement, marketing support, and efficiency.

As the internet continues to bring people, places, and things together, ensuring that connectivity is there when you need it is an understandable concern. For event planners, fast and reliable internet can keep the line down at a busy cash bar by keeping POS systems sharp for continue transactions. Or, are you setting up photo booth? Quickly share and safely store images for later distribution all on your router.

Who Needs a Router?

However, a wireless router is not just limited to the use of event planner. Anyone in need of tapping into the digital space during a high capacity environment would benefit from the convenience and reliable of their own wireless router. Including:
  • Publicists with a high-volume of event planning responsibilities for clients
  • Public and private venues and event spaces for the use of large parties
  • Companies and organizations that frequently attend trade shows or exhibitions
  • Mobile or temporary retailers such as kiosks, pop-up shops and seasonal vending
  • DJs and entertainment equipment companies for flawless streaming capabilities
  • Festival hosts including for award shows, art/film/music showcases, panel presentations

What Does A Router Do?

Simply stated, a router is a conduit or medium for internet access. Therefore, instead of asking for the internet password at a venue, you're always connected with your personal router. If you are handling any fast paced media functions, strong, and reliable internet can ensure that large files and data can transfer with ease. Download the specifications sheet for more details.

How Can I Get A Router?

Getting online doesn't have to be complicated and expensive. In fact, we've made connectivity solutions easy for internationally known brands and organizations since 2012. Visit us online at PhaseMargin.com for more information, or call (310) 997-8176. We are open Monday - Friday, 9AM - 5PM PST.