4G WiFi Hotspot.

  • No hassle, reliable internet and WiFi—anywhere, anytime.
  • Bonded multiple 4G LTE connections deliver up to 150Mb service.
  • Cloud-managed internet access and WiFi hotspot.
  • Connectivity solution for your brand at retail, trade shows, and special events.


Reliable Internet

Bonds connections for reliability and speed.
3x 4G LTE Cellular Modem + 1G WAN.
Load Balancing and bandwidth aggregation.
Dual WiFi and Ethernet local network ports.


WiFi Hotspot

Supports 50 to 200 concurent clients.
Browsing, email, and enterprise apps.
Custom landing pages.
Capture Registrations.



Integrated Firewall.
Encrypted database with secure login.
AES-256 database encryption.
VPN for secure cloud connections.



Custom website greets everyone.
Cloud managed, easy updates.
No data charges-hosted by Spot.


Digital Signage

Dual HDTV monitor outputs.
Integrated video server.
IPTV streaming.

Event-Specific Microsites.

Spot can be customized for your event.
Hotspot greets clients when WiFi is joined.
Once connected, system leads them to event-specific microsite.

Reliable Internet

Advanced Encryption.

An integrated firewall keeps you and your internet clients safe while state-of-the-art AES-256 encryption ensures safe cloud connections and an ultra-secure database. Our experts also provide 24/7 monitoring as an added layer of security.


Easy Setup. Just plug in and start using.

Spot can be configured using a dashboard for optimal network setting and usage.
The system can be used with indoor or outdoor antennas.
The fully equipped unit has 12 antennas (6 modem antennas, 6 WiFi antennas, 1 GPS antenna). Three modem antennas is common.

Live Dashboard and Remote Configuration


Technical Specifications

Tech Diagram
Application Support
  • Internet browsing, email, cloud services, enterprise apps.
  • Secure sales and credit card transactions.
  • Private and secure VPN connection to remote services.
Hotspot Features
  • Customizable landing pages, website redirects, WiFi name (SSID).
  • Registration and data capture.
  • Access controls for session duration, bandwidth limits, content filtering.
Microsite Heading
  • Hosts local websites optionally linked to the landing pages.
  • Secure sales and credit card transactions.
  • Private and secure VPN connection to remote services.
Cloud Managed
  • Spot Cloud Manager for remote monitoring, configuration, and control.
  • Manage WiFi and system setup.
Integrated Cellular Modems
  • 3x 4G LTE with up to 50 Mbps per modem (subject to carrier performance).
  • Load balancing and bandwidth aggregation.
  • Supports major carriers worldwide, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verzion, Orange, Vodafone.
  • Dual access points support up to 50 concurrent clients, with up to 200 using additional add-ons.
  • Up to 1Gb speed, duel band (2.4/5 Ghz), 802.11 a/b/g/
  • Stateful, packet-filtering firewall.
  • Encrypted VPN support.
  • AES-256 database encryption.
  • Dual HDMI outputs- HDTV (1080).
  • Same video plays on both ports.
  • 2x 1G Ethernet ports with 15W PoE (802.3at Type 1) sourcing per port.
  • USB OTG, USB3, 2x relay drivers, 2x isolated inputs.
  • 64 GB for up to 40 hours of recorded content.
  • 8.7 x 7.36 x 2.42 in (228 x 187 x 62 mm).
  • 5lbs (2.3 kg).
  • 9-22 VDC input.
  • 20 W typical excluding PoE and USB3 add-on device.
  • -20F to 160F (-28C to 70C)