NYE 2017: Don't Forget The Wifi


As the time quickly approaches to the highly anticipated 2017 NYE countdown, making sure your event is equipped with everything you need -- including wifi -- should be a priority. No matter how grand or intimate your New Year's Eve party will be, making sure that guests can Snap, Tweet, Facebook Live, or share pics on Instagram is an important part of the party experience.

Unfortunately, during events where high demand is being placed on antiquated or ill-equipped connections, the ability to share these moments will greatly diminish; putting a damper on the festivities. Want to make sure your NYE event is successful? Phase Margin has several connectivity solutions that will make your party memorable and stress-free.
Setting up your own portable wifi has its advantages:
  • Secure connectivity
  • 4G LTE connections
  • Fast and secure gateway
  • Support 50 to 200 concurrent guests
  • Up to 150 Mbps and 99% availability
  • Create custom landing page for guest engagement
  • Setup for indoor and outdoor events

Cash Bar? Take Sales with Ease

Unless you're hosting a dry event, a cash bar should be equipped with a POS system that can handle customer volume with no setbacks. The busiest place at any event, especially on New Year's Eve is the bar. Do you expect to run a large volume of transactions? If yes, a secure and strong wifi connection will help your bartenders provide swift and seamless customer service. Nothing could be more disappointing than to hear "our machines are down", when you're ready to make a purchase. Although most venues may permit event access to their wifi, you'll have an added peace of mind through Phase Margin's portable wifi services.

Ensuring Guest Safety: Charging Stations

NYE revelers plan for a long night of partying, not battery life. A charging station at your big event enables guests to maintain enough battery life to not only capture moments with friends, but also to get home safely. It's not uncommon for guests with low or no battery life to become unable to call a ride after a night of fun. Our charging stations are equipped with up to 16 charging ports, custom branding and digital signage options.

Don't let the party end early. Extend the hospitality by considering a charging station at your event to accommodate guest needs. A charging station can help your invitees get home safe - whether by calling a taxi, Uber or friend for a ride.

Get Plugged In

Learn more about the connectivity options you can access for your NYE party. Phase Margin, a leader in providing low-cost wifi and custom charging stations, provides fast and reliable internet access where other providers fail. Schedule a complimentary consultation today with one of our professionals to get started. Visit us online at PhaseMargin.com for our complete list of services.