How To Be A Digitally-Savvy Event Planner


Planning an event takes a copious amount of attention to detail. Making sure that the lighting is perfect, sound is set and that guests have a flawless experience takes time, attention and consideration. Expectations of guests have skyrocketed with more eye for detail necessary to avoid bad reviews and disappointment. Beyond that, taking care of their digital needs should also be a concern. Will my guests want to share their experiences? Are there enough power sources to accommodate guests' phones, if needed?

Begin by asking yourself those questions about your audience to help you decide how to implement creative digital details to your celebration.

Digital Meets Design

As you are planning your event, below are a few ways to upgrade your layout for a modern touch. Although the notes below are quite general, for events of any size, taking the experience online is a smart tactic to engage with guests. Whether your event is for a large business audience, an intimate wedding, festival or concert, this is just a start to making your event #TheBestEver.

Social Media Wall

If everyone is tweeting, show a live feed! Hashtags are everywhere and most events will use one to help categorize their event's content and conversation. Have you considered aggregating all of those hashtags into a feed? Show off pictures and praise through an interactive social media wall. Keep your guests talking and boost engagement at your event, and online.

Digital Signage

Make the the experience visual. Use digital signage to display marketing material, image reel, video or other media during your event. With a wireless router, power your signage all night with no skips, freeze or interruption. Use your signage to direct guest around the venue, entertain during dinner, or as a backdrop for photo opportunities.

Charging Stations

Guests cannot live without their cell phones. From taking selfies in the restroom of their outfit of choice, to capturing moments with friends on social media, battery life is hard to manage when you're having fun. Use charging stations to bring guests together, offer a well-needed convenience and use the station as a branding point for your client. Customize the station as needed to display logos, slogans, taglines, or other unique detail.

Go Digital

Perfect for event planners is Spot, our wireless router designed to help make internet connectivity more accessible. With 4G LTE speeds and the ability to remain strong connections in busy spaces, Spot is a one-stop-shop to power your party. Pair Spot with a custom charging station and voila -- happy guests and clients. Learn more about our connectivity solutions at