4 Connectivity Solutions for Your Next Trade Show

Trade show season calls for your organization to be prepared for anything. The investment any company makes for trade show attendance demonstrates their commitment to reaching new customers, growing their audience and closing new deals that increase the bottom line.

With so much at stake, ensuring that the trade show team is properly connected is very important. Although most venues will have what you think is needed, here's a list of 4 connectivity solutions that can make your next event more impactful.

Branded Charging Stations

Charging stations are a great way to not only have a personal space to charge phones and devices from members of your organization, but it's a pretty clever attraction to get new visitors to your booth. Set up your custom station, complete with branded elements to leave a lasting impression at your next trade show.

4G Wifi Hotspot

Beat all of odds of the internet crashing when you arrive equipped with your own 4G LTE internet connection. Few things are more important than a strong and reliable internet connection at a trade show, or other event where potential clients can be courted.

Point-of-Sale Internet Connectivity

Make secure transactions and protect your customers if you are selling items during your trade show. Establish a reliable point-of-sale connection with a secure gateway. Don't lose a sale due to poor internet.

Digital Marketing and Registrations

Are you hosting clients or guests during the trade show? Many companies will opt to meet and greet with potential clients during their event, offering a time for questions, and direct engagement. Is the space wi-fi enabled? If not, a custom branded wifi hotspot can not only wow your guests, but allow for on-site, digital registrations. Keep up with your attendees while providing an internet solution that is both functional and helpful.

Getting set up for your trade show includes having the right connectivity foundation that helps your team close the deal. Learn more about all of our products and solutions at PhaseMargin.com, or contact us today for a complimentary consultation.