• Fast, reliable internet
  • Connectivity for demanding applications


Eliminate stuttering and dropouts
Multiple 4g connections create a low latency fat pipe to the internet
Stream and format agnostic - RTP, RTSP, RTMP, HLS, H.264
WiFi or Ethernet conenction to video production


Live stream flawless video direct to the internet... anywhere.

Point-of-Sale Internet Connectivity

Reliable, secure gateway hosts POS processing
Multiple 4G connections mean faster transactions with
fewer dropped connections
Low cost, sets up in minutes

No connection? No sale.

Temporary Internet

Sets up in minutes
No hassling with providers, gives you freedom to go
anywhere, anytime
Lower cost than trade show and event providers

Digital Marketing and Registrations

Custom branded wifi hotspots with registrations
Capture more contacts at every event
Integrated social media into events
Branded charging stations bring guests to you